Membership Options and Playing Costs - 2018/19

Horsham Table Tennis Club is run entirely by volunteers. We operate as a not for profit organisation with all fees being ploughed back into running the club and extending the playing opportunities. One of our core values is to encourage participation, so our fee structure is designed to get you playing. The more often you want to play, the more you can benefit from savings on your playing costs. 

PLEASE NOTE:  All players enjoying coaching by a qualified coach as part of an HTTC activity must become a Club member at Club rates.  If they are having coaching only, they can become an Associate Member at a reduced rate of £25.00.  If they wish to play in any other sessions run by the Club they will need to pay for full Club Membership plus the member session fee, or pay the non member session fee.



Adult Member

Junior / Concession Member 
(U18 / 65 or over / LAC* holder)

Annual Membership




Open Play Sessions  Pay-As-You-Go 
- Cost per session






Open Play Sessions  Season Ticket        Entitles MEMBERS to  Open Play sessions without PAYG fees






Who is this best for?

Occasional players

Members who play     once or twice monthly

Members who play      more than twice monthly

Members who play once or twice monthly

Members who play   more than twice monthly

What will you save?

Your First   Open Play session Free

Membership fee £42 pays for itself in 21 Open Play sessions

Total annual cost £162 pays for itself in 33 Open Play sessions

Membership fee  £36 pays for itself in 18 Open Play sessions

Total annual  cost  £144 pays for itself in 29 Open Play sessions


•    Annual Membership runs from 1st September to 31st August.  Concession Membership applies to: Juniors aged 18 or under; Adults aged 65 or over; and LAC*         holders at the start of the annual table tennis season.  If you join after September, the cost reduces pro-rata for each fully completed month - please contact                 a committee member who will advise the amount you need to pay.

•    Families of two or more members (spouses/live-in partners/children) can benefit from a 15% saving off the price of Annual Membership and Season Ticket                    - please contact a committee member who will advise the amount you need to pay.     PLEASE NOTE: This does not apply to Pay-As-You-Go fees

•   **Season Tickets: We offer more than 90 informal Open Play Sessions throughout the year. Subject to the school hall availability at certain times of the year and             short breaks for Easter and Christmas this represents on average 7 to 8 opportunities to play per month

•   *LAC = Horsham District Council Leisure Access Card holders (for details please call 01403 215262 )

If you are interested in joining one of our Crawley Horsham league teams, please contact for further details.
If you are interested in Junior Coaching or would like to play in the Horsham Central League, contact  for further details.